2N Telekommunikace A.S.  

Czech Republic
  • Booth: 4403

2N is a leading European company engaged in the development and manufacture of IP access control systems. According to 2016 IHS study, 2N is the world largest manufacturer of IP intercoms and a significant innovator in the field of IP access control systems and IP elevator communicators. The company was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic with a headquarters in Prague. Currently, it has more than 300 employees and subsidiaries in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, UAE and Australia, having a distribution network all over the world. In 2016 the 2N Telekomunikace became a part of the Axis group.


Partnership between 2N and Carson in MDU market


  • 2N® Indoor Compact
    2N® Indoor Compact is an indoor answering unit that offers the user a video feed from the intercom at the entrance of their home. The 4.3″ color display lets the user know who is at the door and HD sound provides excellent call clarity with visitors....

  • The 2N® Indoor Compact is not only practical, but also a stylish accessory that fits any residential project. Available in elegant black or white, the unit offers a selection of components of the highest quality. Units are protected by highly-resistant, carefully crafted glass and utilize the highest quality audio components to achieve clean sound without any echoes.

    An intuitive control, possibility to switch from the intercom´s camera to video from an external camera, or a parental lock are some of the features that make the 2N® Indoor Compact a sought-after solution for any home.

    Thanks to IP technology, the 2N® Indoor Compact can be connected in a matter of seconds. The structured cabling typical in houses today makes it possible to simply plug the 2N® Indoor Compact straight into the system. Power the device via PoE, and communication is ensured immediately.  Configuration and administration of the unit can be done locally or remotely via a web interface or free of charge via the 2N® Remote Configuration service available on the My2N cloud portal. The unit’s price is also an extra point that will help in a successful bid for a project.

  • 2N® IP Verso
    2N® IP Verso is a modular intercom configurable to your needs. It provides reliable access control and allows easy interface with other systems. Available also in black, with a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module, or touch display....

  • With a wide variety of modules available, the 2N® IP Verso offers a flexible solution that can be adapted to suit any residential or commercial project. The modularity of this IP intercom allows you to configure it to your requirements so that you can select the specific module, accessories and functions. 2N® IP Verso has an in-built HD camera with night vision, is available also in black, with a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module or touch display. It also offers a large range of smart functions, for example calls to mobile phone and tablet thanks to 2N Mobile Video cloud service or email snapshots of the visitor captured by the camera at the time of the call. It can be easily linked to the existing security system and connected to third party solutions.    

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