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MantelMount, the award-winning line of Pull-Down TV mounts, allows anyone to easily lower their large flat screen down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level and swivel it left or right. Come try our NEW motorized MM855 Pro SmartMount with Smart Home Automation at booth #1339. In addition to its standard RF remote, it's compatible with all major home automation systems including Crestron, Control4, RTI, Alexa, Savant, URC and more.  

The patented MM855 Pro SmartMount™ uses dual electronic actuators and a unique multi-axis hub that automatically lowers and swivels the TV in one smooth, quiet motion. What's more, our exclusive Power-Sense feature detects when the TV is turned on and automatically moves it to the perfect preset position – without home automation or input from the user! Our Temperature Sensing Technology determines when a fireplace is too hot for the safety of electronics and automatically retracts the TV to the raised position. Additionally, both the MM855 Pro SmartMount™ and its manually operated MM750 Pro Series sibling, come standard with a recess-able solid steel housing that conceals the center arm & electronics for a cleaner look when raised – while offering 1.8" flush-to-wall TV storage when recessed.  

Our full complement of accessories meets even the most challenging of retrofit or custom installs, from rock or stone to single stud applications. See it all at booth #1339!

Don't miss our MM855 SmartMount Training Session on Wednesday, Sept. 5, from 11:00am – 12:30pm in Room 10 at the Convention Center! Go to the Education tab to sign up now!


MM700 Pro Pull Down Mount
MM 855 Pro Series -480dpi

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  • Existing MantelMount Dealers: Get Free Shipping + 20% off your entire mount order!  

    Purchase either (4) MM700s or (1) MM750 or combination there of and receive 20% OFF your order plus FREE SHIPPING. 

    Purchase four or more MM700s or MM750s on or before September 10, 2018 to receive free shipping plus 20% off your entire order. Does not include Accessories or MM855.

  • Win an MM855 Pro SmartMount™

    Swipe your Badge to Win the Ultimate TV Viewing Experience!  

    Simply let us swipe your badge in our booth and you’ll be entered to win our MM855 Pro SmartMount™, a $1999 value. The MM855 is the premiere automated TV mount in the home automation arena. The MM855 features a powerful home integration module that allows the viewer to control TV viewing positions through popular home automation systems, providing the ultimate in convenience and optimizing the viewing experience. The wired, built-in Ethernet creates a true “plug and play” set up process for installers and simplifies the process for customers to download software updates. The Favorite Position Memory Preset feature allows users to save up to six favorite TV positions. Dual Electronic Actuators supply the “muscle” to adjust the mount’s simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement placing the unit into position. Additionally, the MM855 Pro Smart Mount™ comes with heat safety features that will automatically move the television out of harms way if heat from the fireplace reaches a dangerously high temperature. 

    Winner announced in the MantelMount booth #1339 at close of CEDIA, Saturday, Septmber 8, 2018. Need not be present to win. Winner will be notified via email.

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    Becomes a new MantelMount Dealer during CEDIA Expo 2018 and receive 20% off your first order* PLUS free shipping when placed on or before September 10, 2018. 

    *Offer applies to orders on the MM700 and MM750 only.  


 Press Releases

  •             CARLSBAD, CA MantelMount, the premier, award-winning mounting option for flatscreen televisions, offers its new professional-grade product, the MM700.

    Geared towards professional installers and distributors, the MM700 offers a range of additional features, including increased stability, augmented positional capabilities, and improved construction.  This upgraded version provides the professional channel with a powerful tool to further heighten their customers’ television viewing experience. 

    The new features enhance a television mount that was already unique in the industry.  While most flatscreen TV mounts tilt and swivel, MantelMount also gives users the ability to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level.  This solves a common problem: consumers love to mount their TV above their fireplaces, but the height of the mount creates a poor viewing angle, one that significantly detracts from the viewing experience.

    In terms of positioning, the MM700 offers more swivel to both the left and right sides – an additional 15 degrees each way – for viewing over a wider range.  What’s more, a special attachment bracket allows users to increase the swivel up to 60 degrees, either left or right.  The product also features 26 inches of vertical travel, two more than the flagship model. 

    Additional stability control adjusts for minor differences in wear of pistons.  This helps keeps the mount level over time without the need for manual adjustment.  While both mounts feature high-quality steel construction with a professional grade finish, the newer mount has slightly higher quality construction in its welds, bolts, and minor parts.

    A major upgrade is the built-in sound bar bracket above the heat-sensing handles.  Made of high-quality steel and integrated directly into the MantelMount, the bracket provides a clean look with the sound bar attached below the TV, creating the perfect auditory and visual experience.  The sound bar bracket accommodates mounting holes up to 800mm wide and holds sound bars up to 15kg/33lbs.  A center handle also attaches to the bracket to operate MantelMount without the need to touch the TV or the sound bar.

    The new model eliminates the 9-degree downward tilt in the UP position, so the product is more flush to the wall.  Enhancing the flush appearance is an add-on recess box which moves the product’s lifting mechanism 3.5" into the wall.  This reduces the space behind the TV from 5" to only 1.5" and augments the TV’s flush-mounted look.  In fact, with the add-on box, MantelMount is totally hidden from view in the UP position.

     “The MM700 represents a natural progression of the product,” said Lee Marc, Managing Director of MantelMount.  “While the initial version was extremely well-received, we’re always looking for ways to improve its performance.  This professional-level offering is the result of constantly researching areas for improvement.”

    MantelMount has far exceeded sales expectations since its introduction in 2014, leading to recent distribution agreements in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  The product’s unique functionality and design has also earned it numerous accolades, including:

    • Winner of The Vesta Award for Best Outdoor Room Equipment at the HPBExpo
    • A 2016 Electronic House Product of the Year Award
    • Best of Show Award at InfoCOMM 2016
    • Finalist for the prestigious CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.

    MantelMount’s patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, allowing virtually anyone to easily pull a large flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace, and swivel it left or right. 

    What’s more, MantelMount’s exclusive heat-sensing handles turn red if the temperature above the fireplace exceeds a safe 110° F, so the user knows when to move the TV back to its original position.

    The MM700 sells for $549 MSRP and is available through registered dealers and distributors. 


    MantelMount is the premier wall mount for flatscreen televisions.  MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows user to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level.  The product’s unique functionality and design has earned it numerous accolades, including Electronic House Product of the Year, a Hearth and Home Vesta Award, and a Best of Show at InfoCOMM 2016.  MantelMount was also a finalist for the CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.  To order MantelMount or for additional information, go to




    Single Stud Wall Adapter, Horizontal Adapter Bracket Help Create

    Wider Variety of Installation Options

    CARLSBAD, CA (January 23, 2018) MantelMount, the premier, award-winning mounting option for flatscreen televisions, has introduced two new accessories, intended to make MantelMount available to consumers with unique installation needs.

    Because MantelMount, until now, has required two wall studs for mounting, the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter is a welcome addition for consumers with only one available stud in the mounting wall.  Used in conjunction with the MM340 Standard Mount, the MM540 Enhanced Mount, or the RB100 Recess Box, the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter serves as a direct replacement for the included wall plate when it is unable to reach the existing stud placement. 

    Customers with a single stud centered in the intended mounted area can attach the SSB40 to their MantelMount lifting arm in the same manner as the wall plate.  However, the SSB40 features mounting-hole configurations specifically for these single-stud installations, as well as installations to large posts or beams (common with outdoor patio installations).  A small, unobtrusive device weighing just 3.4 pounds, the SSB40 adapter features a Matte Black Power Coated to match the MantelMount units.

    A second accessory, the AB40 Adapter Bracket, offers a solution to homeowners who want to install their MantelMount unit horizontally instead of the more common vertical method.  The AB40, weighing just five pounds, acts as a horizontal adapter for the MM340, MM540, and MM700 Mounts, providing a 90-degree bridge between the wall plate and the TV mount lifting arm.  This allows the wall plate to lay flat on a horizontal surface such as a large shelf or inside a recessed alcove.  (The AB40 Adapter Bracket must be paired with the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter when mounting an MM340 or MM540 to a horizontal surface.  The MM700 mount attaches directly to the AB40 Adapter Bracket and does not require the SSB40.)

    Used in conjunction with the SSB40, the AB40 can also serve as a pass-through support for thin brick facades or simulated foam “stone” panels that will not support the weight of a MantelMount unit independently. 

     “We knew there were consumers unable to enjoy the benefits of MantelMount because of some minor installation challenges,” said Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount.  “These new accessories address the two most common installation issues and open the door for these consumers to begin enhancing their TV-viewing experience.”

    MSRP of the SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter is $34.99; the AB40 Adapter Bracket is $89.99.  MantelMount offers free domestic shipping in the United States.  Both products are available at  


    MantelMount is the premier wall mount for flatscreen televisions.  MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows user to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level.  The product’s unique functionality and design has earned it numerous accolades, including CE Pro’s Best TV Mount, Electronic House Product of the Year and a Hearth and Home Vesta Award.  MantelMount was also a finalist for the prestigious CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.  To order MantelMount or for more information, go to

  • MM855 Offers Major Enhancements Over Previous MM850 Model,

    Will Be Introduced at CEDIA 2018

    CARLSBAD, CA (September 12, 2018) With a number of significant enhancements over its predecessor, the MM850, including smoother operation and integration with more home automation hubs the MM855 Pro Smart Mount™ from MantelMount is the premier, fully automated, full-motion TV mount available. 

    The MM855 will be showcased in the MantelMount booth (#1339) at CEDIA 2018, September 6-9, at the San Diego Convention Center. 

    Introduced at last year’s CEDIA, the MM850 marked MantelMount’s entry into the home automation arena.  It featured a powerful home integration module that allowed the viewer to control TV viewing positions through popular home automation systems, providing the ultimate in convenience and optimizing the viewing experience.  The wired, built-in Ethernet created a true “plug and play,” set-up process for installers and allowed customers to easily download software updates.  Dual Electronic Actuators supplied the “muscle” to adjust the mount’s vertical and horizontal positions, while Favorite TV Position Memory feature let users store up to six preset positions.

    Relying on feedback from the installer community, MantelMount developed the MM855 Pro Smart Mount™, which incorporates all of the features of the MM850 along with significant, field-tested upgrades:

    • Software Enhancements: The numerous software enhancements incorporated into the MM855 provide the unit with substantially smoother operation and overall stability.
    • Improved Heat Management: During installation, motorized mounts are subjected to far more operational cycles that they would be during normal use.  The improved heat management capability of the MM855 allows for more frequent operational cycles during set-up and installation without the risk of overheating.   
    • More Accurate Power Sensing: The upgraded capacitor of the MM855 helps suppress unwanted electrical noise.  This translates to more accurate power-sensing ability and subsequently, ensures that the unit positions the TV with greater precision. 
    • Additional Control Systems: The MM855 can now be controlled through five of the most popular home automation systems on the market, including Control4, URC, RTI, Savant and Crestron. (NOTE: Like its predecessor, the motorized MM855 can also be controlled through an included 433 MHz RF remote control.)

    The MM855 retains two unique safety features for installation over a fireplace: a Heat-Sensing Thermocouple mounted near the television that measures heat from a fireplace; and Auto Temperature Sensing Technology, which automatically retracts the TV to a fully-raised home position when the thermocouple detects an unsafe temperature for electronics (ideal for unattended, thermostat-controlled fireplaces).

    According to Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount, the introduction of the MM855 represents the company’s ongoing commitment to product improvement and industry leadership.

    “Our philosophy has never been to sit still and be satisfied with the status quo,” said Marc. “We’re always looking to improve our mounts, no matter how well they perform or how satisfied our customers might be. 

    “In creating the MM855 Pro Smart Mount™, we did the same thing, keeping all the best parts of the MM850 and enhancing other areas based on the valuable input we received from our integrator base.”  

    MSRP of the MM855 is $1,999. 


    MantelMount is the premier wall mount for flatscreen televisions.  MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows user to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level.  The product’s unique functionality and design has earned it numerous accolades, including CE Pro’s Best TV Mount, Electronic House Product of the Year and a Hearth and Home Vesta Award.  In addition, the MM850, the company’s first fully automated, received two awards at CEDIA 2017: the CE Pro Best Home Theater TV Mount and Residential Systems Outstanding Product Winner.  MantelMount was also a finalist for the prestigious CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.  To order MantelMount or for additional information, please visit


  • (Jul 17, 2018)

    Sometimes at Thanksgiving dinners, there is a kids’ table.  It is literally a table for children – the place where anyone ranging from 2-16 is required to sit so they don’t bother the grown-ups.  Because grown-ups have important things to talk about and although they love their children, the kids simply don’t have the maturity or the gravitas to be in the company of the adults.

    That’s where MantelMount was just two years ago; we were figuratively sitting at the kids’ table.  More specifically, as a tiny little start-up, we were at CEDIA 2015 on “rookie row,” sandwiched in with the other youngsters.  We had a quaint little 10 x 10 booth where we were showing our only version of the MantelMount Pull Down TV Mount: the T1MA.  It was a great product which solved a very specific need: TV’s placed over the fireplace or high on a wall create horrible, neck-breaking viewing angles.  MantelMount solved that problem with a well-engineered, solidly built unit that was both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. 

    We attracted a great deal of interest at that show.  Still, we had a long way to go before we would be able to sit at the adults’ table, the one where the long-established manufacturers of mature, reputable and best-selling electronic products and accessories – most of them household names – were congregated.  These were companies with high-profile market presence, significant market share, and sufficient financial resources to buy an actual market if they wanted.  While we had made what we felt was a noticeable impression at CEDIA 2015, we wondered what the resulting market impact would be.  Had we simply hit an elephant with a pea shooter?

    Apparently, we had a little more impact than we imagined.  We were named a “Best New Product Finalist” at the show.  At the same show, we were recognized as “Most Creative New TV Mount” by rAVe Publications.  Obviously, we impressed someone besides our family, friends, and attendees who wandered into our booth on their way to somewhere else.

    Awards kept coming.  We attended the HPBExpo on 2016 and snagged a prize from Hearth & Home Magazine for Best Outdoor Room equipment.  Plus, we won a 2016 Product of the Year from Electronic House, a well-respected publication covering all areas of electronic products and accessories for the home. 

    Awards are nice, but sales are even better.  And sales were going quite well.  In fact, so well that we were convinced it was time to introduce two new models, the MM340 andMM540.  Both were well-received, and we now had a real “product line.”  (OK, it was only three products long, but it was still a line.)

    Award were rolling in faster than we could accept them.  The CE Pro Best TV Mount Winner at CEDIA 2016.  The NewBay Media Best in Show for AV Technology at InfoComm 2016.  Then an exciting new model: the MM700, geared towards the professional channel.  New distribution channels.  Increasing sales.  We were firmly on people’s radar, not just consumers but integrators, electronic dealers, and distributors.

    Just a few weeks ago, we exhibited at CEDIA 2017.  It’s no exaggeration to say that was our coming-out party.  We had a huge 30x30 booth right in the middle of the action.  And we introduced a truly groundbreaking product: our MM850 automated mount.  A motorized mount that works via IP over internet and interfaces with most popular home automation systems (Control4, RTI, Crestron, to name a few), the MM850 hit a home run with everyone who saw it.  No, make that a grand slam.  The media noticed, as evidenced by all the coverage we received.  Attendees noticed, based on the multiple “oohs” and “ahhs” we heard.  Dealers noticed, as we signed up hundreds of them who couldn’t wait to sell the new unit.  And we noticed, based on how tired we were when the show was over. 

    Oh, and did we mention we also won three awards for the MM850 – a unit that isn’t even available until December?  These were heavyweight awards: Innovation and Tech Today.  Residential Systems.  CE Pro.  (We might have also won Most Congenial, but we can’t remember.)

    So what does this all mean?  Have we reached the top of the proverbial mountain?  Are we at the pinnacle of our industry?  Far from it.  We still have much to do, and many new products to create and perfect. 

    What it does means is that in just a few short years, we have arrived.  We went from a barely noticeable start-up with one nice product to a up-and-coming force in the television accessory market.  We’ll never stop trying to do better and to develop innovative products that don’t just follow the latest trends but that set them. 

    In other words, we’ve left the kids’ table and can now take our place with the heavyweights in the consumer electronics industry at the adults’ table.  Don’t get us wrong; the kids’ table was fun.  But the adults’ table is all business. 

  • Knowing What’s Available, in Terms of Features, Construction, Aesthetics and More


    Vice President of Marketing and e-Commerce, MantelMount

    APR 26, 2018

    Full-motion TV mounts have not changed the world. They have not cured any disease, curbed global warming, or helped married couples stop taking each other for granted. Yet, within the universe of television viewing they have had a major impact.

    It's unlikely you'll find a mount to hold this TV, but a quality full-motion mount can hold flatscreen TV's up to 98 inches (diagonal measure).   

    Perhaps most notable, flatscreen televisions can now be mounted high on a wall, pulled down to eye level (the perfect viewing angle), then returned to their original position. Of course, “high on a wall” generally means “above a fireplace.” For years, prevailing wisdom has deemed this a major no-no, partly for aesthetic reasons, but mostly because it was a bad viewing angle—one that could cause neck strain, backache, even vision issues.

    With a full-motion mount, your TV can be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle.

    The traditional full-motion mount has partially solved this dilemma and relieved sales associates of having to discourage above-fireplace mounting—a welcome benefit for sales associates and their customers, given that, in many living spaces, the space above the fireplace is the only spot large enough to accommodate a large flatscreen. In fact, the full-motion mount has even helped turn around custom integrators who, for years, have adamantly insisted that a TV should never be put above a fireplace. These mounts have largely dispelled the myths surrounding this antiquated notion.

    While all men were created equal, all full-motion mounts were not. There are literally hundreds of them on the market, ranging in cost from as little as $19.99 to over $1,000, and a boatload in between. As a sales associate or electronics dealer, you want to be able to recommend the best full-motion mount for your customer.

    To do so, it helps to have a basic knowledge of what’s available, in terms of features, construction, aesthetics, and more. This, however, comes with an important disclaimer: we have to define exactly what “full motion” means in terms of TV wall mounts. Simply put, it means just what it implies: full motion. That translates to movement in four areas: the ability to tilt downward; to swivel left and right; to move vertically (up and down); and to move away from the wall.

    Some mounts that label themselves “full motion” do not satisfy all criteria; that is an important caveat for consumers who have decided that they want all three capabilities—and a critical distinction that the sales associate must be able to make clear. Some companies consider their mounts “full motion” with no vertical motion; they can, however, be pulled toward or away from the wall, which is while a useful capability, is no substitute for vertical movement.

    As you take in the following comparisons, it’s important to note that some mounts that don’t offer true full motion feature individual capabilities that surpass those incorporated into full-motion mounts. For example, there are mounts that have more swivel than any full-motion mount, or others that can tilt more. Any advantages in a specific area have to be tempered by the fact that they are missing the larger benefits of full motion.

    While not intended to be a complete list of differentiators, here are some of the most significant considerations:

    TV Size: This is the most obvious parameter to consider. Some mounts will handle flatscreen TVs up to 98 inches; some just 70; some as little as 50. With the cost of larger flatscreens coming down, this is an important factor not to be overlooked. Besides size, also keep in mind that some mounts will fit curved TVs better than others, although the curved-TV fad seems to be coming to the end of its 15 minutes of fame.

    Weight Capacity: Despite the ever-increasing size (diagonal measurement) of flatscreens, many are lighter than you might expect. Still, a 55-inch LCD flatscreen can weigh, on average, between 50-75 pounds; a Toshiba 65HT2U 65-inch LCD TV weighs just over 99 pounds. And don’t forget, external speakers and sound bars push that number even higher. While lower-priced full-motion mounts can be easier on the wallet, many have weight capacities as low as 50-70 pounds. Some claim to support weights up to 165 pounds. Thus, it’s critical to match the weight of the customer’s total AV package (TV, speakers, sound bar, etc.) with a mount that will support all that weight. You’ll also want some room to spare. Don’t take it right up to the limit; a fly could land on the TV and pull the whole thing down.

    Vertical Movement: This number is pretty much all over the board. In our research, we’ve seen full-motion mounts that will move vertically as little as 11 inches. We’ve seen a few around 16. And we’ve uncovered a couple that top out at 29 inches. Needless to say, the greater the vertical distance, the higher on the wall the TV can be, especially over a fireplace.

    Vertical movement is obviously important in an elevator. It's just as important with full-motion mounts.  

    Think about it… given the height of most mantels, a TV mounted above that mantel and pulled down just 11 inches will not be at eye level. Ask your customer to estimate how high their mantel is from the floor. From there, you can some quick computations to figure out how much vertical movement they’ll need to get the TV to eye level, or at least pretty close.

    Swivel: Our research uncovered full-motion mounts that swivel just 15 degrees left or right. If you are thinking that isn’t very much, you are correct. Others were in the 30- to 35-degree range, allowing for a relatively wide selection of seating choices. We did find one standout that would swivel 35 degrees in either direction or up to 60 degrees one way. Consider the idea that you might be watching a program on the far side of the living room, then decide that you want to do some baking in the kitchen, which is on the other side of the house. Assuming open sight lines, you can theoretically swivel that TV far enough to see it while you’re making your famous chocolate mousse cake.

    Tilt: This is a tricky area. The reality is that the tilt function is not used—or needed—in the down position. It’s used in the raised position for those who do not want to always bring their TV down. It’s promoted heavily by makers of non-pulldown mounts who claim that all you need is the tilt function to combat over the fireplace issues. While it can help somewhat, it doesn’t come close to providing the viewing angle that vertical movement does. Tilt helps a little, but it certainly doesn’t help enough. So within the realm of true full-motion mounts, tilt is a non-factor. Still, it’s not a bad idea for your full-motion mount to tilt a few degrees—maybe 3-7 degrees—just in case you want to tweak the viewing angle for your ultra-fussy guest or relative.

    Movement from the Wall: The importance of this measurement is often underestimated. There are two main reasons to move the TV out from the wall: To clear the fireplace mantel when you are pulling the TV down to eye level and to satisfy differing viewing preferences in terms of distance from the screen. (There are formulas to identify the ideal distance, but let’s face it, in this area, everyone has a different preference.)

    Our research turned up mounts capable of moving out from the 15-16 inches, with a few as little as 13. Again, there are “full motion” mounts that boast distance-from-wall measurements of up to 25 inches, but upon closer inspection, their claim of full motion turn out to be erroneous, so those have to be discounted. If you can safely clear the mantel, you should be fine.

    Flush-to-Wall Distance: Some consumers don’t really care how far from the wall the mount sits; others care a great deal and want the “flushest” mount they can find. It’s a simple matter of aesthetic preference. That said, many of the full-motion mounts come in between 3-5 inches of distance from the wall. Others claim to be as little as 1.25 inches but, looking more closely, we found that they were not full-motion mounts (i.e., they were not capable of vertical movement). In the world of actual, full-motion mounts, we discovered one that allows for a 1.75-inch mount-to-wall distance, although it required an optional recess box.

    Pull Down Handle: This is a somewhat subjective area that is difficult to specifically quantify. If we were physicists, we could get into the area of foot pounds per square inch needed to move the mount up and down, but suffice to say that some are harder than others. Ultimately, it’s based on the construction materials (lightweight but sturdy), as well as the mechanics of the lowering mechanism. Some require a significant amount of “pull” to move them into position; others are much simpler, such that a child could do it. If you have children who are going to use the mount, it’s something to consider. If it’s just adults and you want to make this part of your daily workout, the “hard” pull may be just what you’re looking for.

    Cable Management/Wall Covers: This falls under the general area of aesthetics. Obviously, when you’ve got a mount that moves vertically, you’re going to be able to see at least part of the mount on the wall, depending on how far down the mount can move. Wall covers are a sound idea for keeping the look of the wall intact. Cable management is offered on most mounts; some are well designed, others are little more than a twist tie to hold the wires together. Bottom line: make your customers aware that although a minor detail, quality cable management can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of the installation.

    So now you know more about full-motion mounts and the features that can separate the great ones from good ones from the bad ones. Your customer, who is shelling out some big dollars for a new TV, deserves this kind of information. And you deserve the information so that you can create a happy customer – more importantly, a return customer. 


  • MM700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Wall Mount
    The MM700 is the first mount in our Pro Series line. It's a great solution for mounting heavier TV's. This robust mount is made of heavy duty construction providing an expansive, smooth range of motion. Winner CEPro’s Best TV Mount, CEDIA 2016....

  • MantelMount MM700

    The MantelMount MM700 Pro Series TV Mount is the first in our professional series. 


    This robust pull-down TV wall mount is made of 3MM heavy duty steel with two automotive gas pistons, making the TV feel feather light.   

    Our Patented Auto Straightening ensures whenever the TV is lifted to its highest raised state, it will automatically straighten to avoid any contact with the wall. 

    The MM700 features has a heat-sensing handle that turns red if the temperature reaches 110°F, a visual cue to either raise the TV or turn off the fireplace.

    In addition to our built-in sound bar adapter, this mount contains paintable wall covers to conceal the TV mount’s wall hardware to create a more aesthetically pleasing element. And, it also comes with a cable tie system to keep cables organized, thereby eliminating a messy or tangled home theater environment. 

    If installed with our add-on RB100 Recess Kit, the MM700 provides a seamless flush-to-wall distance of 1.75”. The RB100 allows for the center lifting arm to fold into the recess box when the TV is in its raised position.  

    Lastly, this mount allows for the setting of vertical and horizontal travel stops to ensure the TV doesn’t hit the mantel or wall.

    This mount installs nicely on stone or brick fireplaces, and with our single-stud adaptor, will work in a single-stud situation.


    The MM700 accommodates flat or curved screen TVs 45" to 90" that weigh between 30 – 115 pounds, and have VESA compatibility of 800mm x 550mm.

    This mount has a wide up to 60° swivel capacity, a 2° adjustable tilt, an off-the-wall distance of 12" to 15", and up to 26" vertical drop. 

    Mantel Mount offers a lifetime limited warranty for all non-automated mounts and accessories.

    With the MM700 Pro Series Mount, you'll turn every seat in the house into the best seat in the house.  

  • MM750 Pro Series Pull Down TV Wall Mount
    The MM750 is made with a higher grade steel and 4 premium gas pistons. This mount has an even smoother travel motion, along with increased off-the-wall and vertical travel distances. A recess box is included for 1.8” flush-to-wall mounting....

  • MM750 Pro Series

    The MantelMount MM750 Pro Series is the most robust mount in our manual line.


    Manaufactured with 3.5 to 5mm heavy duty steel and four premium automotive gas pistons, the MM750 has the smoothest movement of any manual mount we manufacture.

    Our Patented Auto Straightening ensures that whenever the TV is lifted to its highest raised state, it will automatically straighten to avoid any contact with the wall. 

    The MM750's recess box and center lifting arm come as one unit, allowing the TV to sit only 1.6" way from the wall when in its raised stowed position. Moreover, once the wall hole is cut for the recess box, installation is much quicker and simpler than it is with our other manual mounts.

    And, depending on the installation configuration, the MM750 mount can be installed with or without the wall braces. If wall braces are used, the accompanying paintable covers will conceal them for a more aesthetically pleasing presentation. Additionally, the cable tie system will keep cables neatly organzied and hidden behind the TV.

    The MM750 includes all MantelMount's other premium features, including heat-sensing handles that turn red if they sense the temperature reach 110°F, a built-in sound bar adapter, and the ability to manually set vertical and horizontal travel stops to ensure the TV doesn’t hit the mantel or wall.


    The MM750 accommodates television sets between 55" – 100" and up to 125 pounds, and VESA compatibility of up to 600mm x 600mm. This mount provides up to 25° swivel capacity, up to a 30.5" vertical drop, and up to 17.5 - 24" off-the-wall-distance.  

    Mantel Mount offers a lifetime limited warranty for all non-automated mounts and accessories.

    With the MM750 Pro Series Mount, you'll turn every seat in the house into the best seat in the house.  

  • MM855 Pro SmartMount™
    The MM850 SmartMount™ utilizes dual actuators to power the motorized motion that lowers the TV to a preset position while easily integrating with most home automation systems....

  • The MM855 Smart Mount™ 


    The MM855 Pro SmartMount™ is the premier fully automated, full-motion TV mount available.   You can easily program your favorite preset positions with the included RF remote or through your home automation system.  

    This innovative motorized TV wall mount features a powerful home integration module that allows the viewer to control up to 6  preset TV viewing positions through popular home automation systems, and has an available command set for hard coding additional systems.  It can be managed with IP or RS-232 protocol, through ethernet, dry contacts or a serial port, and offers a built-in browser based configuration.  

    The wired built-in Ethernet creates a true “plug and play” set-up process for installers and simplifes the process of downloading software updates.  The "Power Sense" feature detects when the TV is turned on and automatically lowers the television to your favorite preset.   

    Dual Electronic Actuators supply the “muscle” to adjust the mount’s simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement as it places the unit into position. 

    Additionally, the MM855 Pro SmartMount™ is programmed with a heat safety sensor that will automatically raise the television up and out of harms way if heat from the fireplace reaches a dangerously high temperature capable of causing damage to your television.  As with our other Pro Series Mounts, the MM855 comes with a built-in sound bar adapter, and the ability to manually set vertical and horizontal travel stops to ensure the TV doesn’t hit the mantel or wall.


    The MM750 accommodates television sets between 55" – 100" and up to 125 pounds, and VESA compatibility of up to 600mm x 600mm.  This mount provides up to 25° swivel capacity, up to a 30.5" vertical drop, and up to 19 - 22" off-the-wall-distance.  

    Complete your home theater with MM855 Pro SmartMount with the press of a button and you'll turn every seat in the house into the best seat in the house.  


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